Food Choices Just Might Save Your Life

Not being over-dramatic about that at all.

Check this out:

There are numerous real life, epidemiological studies that show what happens when individuals from specific cultures (Pima Indians, Inuit Tribes, Native Japanese, etc.) switch from their ancestral/traditional diets to a diet that resembles the modern American diet.

Every time, body fat skyrockets and biomarkers of health plummet…

I’m not using fear-monger/scare tactic here either. I’m sharing the truth, and the truth is alarming.

Moving back to a more ancestral way of eating (otherwise known as Caveman/Cavewoman Eating in my world) may just save you and your family’s life.

Here are some scary stats that happen with Y2K eating:

• 2/3 of the U.S. adult population is overweight
• 1/3 are obese
• Childhood obesity is at an all-time high
• 26% of U.S. adults over 20 years of age, and 36% of adults over age 60 (over 57 million) have pre-diabetes
• Statisticians estimate that the number of people worldwide with diabetes will increase from 175 million in the year 2000 to 353 million in 2030
• Man boobs (moobs) and muffin tops have reached epidemic proportions

Frightening stuff, no? Enough to send shivers all up and down your spine.

Good news is you have options.

Better news is: Caveman/Cavewoman Eating merges health enhancement with physique enhancement/

It ensures a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE approach to losing fat and changing your physique.

Unfortunately, many crash dieters follow uninformed plans based on fake diet foods. That leads to nutritional deficiencies and sets you up for huge weight rebounds and subsequent yo-yoing.

What’s more is, many athletes look great on the outside but are train wrecks internally.

They’re extremely unhealthy and dealing with side effects such as sleep disturbances, depression, elevated disease risk factors (blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar), metabolic damage, digestive disorders, and a lack of natural hormonal production/control because of performance enhancing drug usage, recreational drug usage, pharmaceutical drugs to combat medical symptoms, and poor food choices.

That’s not hardcore or tough, my friends. That’s just plain stupid.

If total calories are controlled, you can lose body fat eating Skittles and Ho-Ho’s, but what is that doing to your internal health? As the late, great Serge Nubret once said, “Every sickness comes from food.”

I’m a vain piece of crap, so I get that it is dropping fat and building a physique that turns heads, makes the opposite sex lust, blush, or stumble, etc., that really motivates us.

Health concerns seem meaningless when you’re about to star in your own gun show or thong song.

But that doesn’t change that it’s the health impacts of food that matter most in the long run, and should lie at the core of any worthwhile dietary approach. Who cares if you can look good at the beach if you’re too sick to get there or too depressed to enjoy it while you’re there?

At the same time, I don’t care if I make it to 120 years old if I have to live and look like a goblin to make it happen.

“But I’ve eaten crap every night for the last 10 weeks, look good, and my biomarkers of health are OK.”

If that’s you, talk to me in 10 years. Take it from someone who has worked with clients of all ages, including former competitors with metabolic and hormonal damage – it’s the cumulative effects of our dietary habits over a lifetime that matter, not any 10-week time frame.

However, looking good and long-term health goals do NOT have to be mutually exclusive, despite what many uninformed athletes or non-athletic scientists would have you believe. It’s not an “either or” situation. You can improve your health and improve your physique at the same time.

Bottom line: the food choices you make can merge those two goals together. And in turn, can save your life…

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